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Polaris M1400

Gas Powered Work Utility Vehicles

Powered by gas, the Polaris M1400 is a commercial utility vehicle built to tackle all of your jobs. It delivers 1400 lbs. of payload and 1500 lbs. of towing capacity with an exceptional ride. Take on any job and cover any distance with the Polaris M1400.

Standard Features

1100 Lbs. of Cargo Capacity

Polaris M1400 can deliver up to 100 lbs. of cargo capacity, 1400 lbs. of payload without compromising speed or performance.

31 HP; 325 CC ProStar Series Engine

Best in class power to help with any task, anywhere

Occupant Protection Systems

Designed with safety at the forefront, the Polaris M1400 incorporates an occupant protection system and seat belts as standard features.

Independent Suspension

Independent front and rear suspension allows more stability and ground clearance and a smoother ride.

Lock & Ride Accessories

Customize your vehicle to your unique application with Polaris Lock & Ride accessories including Tool Chest.

Polaris M1400 Spec Sheet
Project Info
  • Client:
  • Date: Feb 6, 2015
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